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Hybrid Video Recorders offer a cost-effective, phased approach to IP security. HVRs record and display both analog and IP cameras so existing analog equipment can be utilized while also enjoying the benefits of associated with high definition video and open technology interoperability.
MAXPRO® Series
MAXPRO Hybrid   

Honeywell’s MAXPRO® NVR Hybrids are open, easy to use, and scalable solutions for entry into Hybrid (IP and analog) video surveillance systems. MAXPRO NVR Hybrids utilizes Honeywell's HD cameras to offer a powerful high definition IP recording and security monitoring system for small to medium installations that also supports analog cameras enabling transition by keeping existing analog investment while transitioning to IP. MAXPRO NVR Hybrids offer the advantage of HD quality IP video but are as easy as DVRs to setup and operate for a seamless transition from analog to IP.

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Recording Devices - Hybrid   

The Fusion IV hybrid DVR bridges the gap between DVRs and NVRs; it is a full featured hybrid digital recording system. The system is designed to record, search, and transmit up to 32 channels of analog or IP video sources, up to 16 channels of audio, and is remotely accessed using single site or powerful multi-site software.

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