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MAXPRO® NVR XE (Xpress Edition)

MAXPRO® NVR XE (Xpress Edition)
8/16-Channel Entry Level Network Video Recorder (NVR)


Honeywell’s MAXPRO NVR XE is an ideal solution for entry into IP video surveillance systems. MAXPRO NVR XE utilizes Honeywell’s HD cameras to offer a powerful high definition IP recording and security monitoring system for small installations.

Open – Broad Device Integrations

  • Integrates to full line of Honeywell IP cameras and HVE encoders
  • Support for ONVIF Profile S, PSIA, real time streaming protocol (RTSP) standards
  • Native device integrations supporting equIP® Series cameras’ new features: 4K resolution, H.265 video compression codec, 3D PTZ control, 360° camera and multi-imager camera support, and intelligence events

Easy to Install and Use - Turnkey Solution

  • Pre-installed with all required software and pre-licensed for 8 or 16 channels with no extra channel license costs
  • Easy 3-Click* wizard to live video for auto configuration - quick and efficient IP system install
  • Simple and logical configuration pages make setup a breeze even for the novice installer
  • Supports simultaneous recording, live monitoring, search and system management for up to 8 or 16 IP cameras including high definition formats with easy to use clients
  • Easy to use desktop clients, web client and mobile apps
  • Intelligence events from cameras can be viewed at the alarm panel, and trigger recording on MAXPRO NVRs for further investigation
  • Learn One, Know them All - Common feature-rich user experience across the MAXPRO NVR Family and MAXPRO VMS / Viewer provides familiarity across a broad range of Honeywell products saving training costs
*With default settings and in a local area network for specific models

Scalable Integrated Security Solution

  • Multiple MAXPRO NVRs deployed for system expansion using a distributed architecture and integrated with the MAXPRO Viewer multi-site software or MAXPRO VMS enterprise video management system
  • Integration with Honeywell WIN-PAK® and Pro-Watch® Access Control Systems providing an integrated Access Control, Intrusion and Video solution

Simple NVR Hardware

  • Provides the processor and storage enclosure in one chassis, resulting in both space and cost savings
  • Small desktop type footprint suitable for small spaces with internal fixed drives, SATA hard drives used for operating system partition and video storage
  • Dual 1 GB NICs are optimized to separate record and viewing data to ensure 100% recording and smooth playback even with multiple client connections



Multi-Platform Support

  • Allows local or remote operations including live and recorded video monitoring, configuration and system management in a single desktop client interface.
  • Support for Web Client on Windows PC (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers) and Mac (Safari browser). Supports live, playback/search of recorded video for up to 4K resolution on all cameras, taking snapshots and viewing presets for PTZ cameras.
  • Support for mobile monitoring clients on iOS and Android Phones and Tablets with MAXPRO NVR apps: Login securely with https communication, Create favorite salvos (cameras up to 3x3 on tablets and 2x4 on phones per salvo), View Live and Recorded Video, Perform PTZ control through Presets and Monitor & Manage Alarms, Support Touch ID on iOS devices for fast and secure login.
    *H.265 is not currently supported on Web client and mobile Apps.

Enhanced Monitoring with Desktop clients

  • Multi-zoom views on HD video and support for Profile cameras to create virtual cameras by digitally zooming into the field of view. Example: Zoom in on a cash register in one view of the HD camera while at the same time monitoring the cash operator in the zoom out view of the HD camera.
  • Ability to investigate events and alarms by simultaneously viewing alarm videos at various stages. For every alarm, users can view the video captured during pre-alarm, on-alarm, and post-alarm, and also view live video from the camera which triggered the alarm.
  • Enriched video viewing experience through the intuitive video rendering engine that optimizes CPU utilization by altering the video frame rate.
  • Cost-effective enhanced H.264 and H.265 HD video rendering on remote desktop clients with support for monitoring of up to 23 1080p HD cameras in real time (30 fps)/690 fps 1080p HD with no-time lapse using the GPU capabilities of in-built processor graphics with 6th generation Intel® Core™ Processors for client systems. Up to 4 1080p HD @ 30 fps/120 fps on local client.
  • Video Surround feature simplifies the process of tracking subjects through a set of surrounding cameras.
  • Create, save and name salvos under My Salvos or Shared Salvos. Support for aspect ratio - 16:9, 4:3 and Stretched for video salvos.
  • Support for 3D Positioning to allow the operator to pan, tilt and zoom into a specific region of interest efficiently by just clicking the live view window.
  • IP PTZ control and digital zoom on fixed cameras. 360° viewing experience and 180° stitched view of equIP multi-imager cameras providing heightened situational awareness and increased video surveillance coverage.
  • Support for auto switching of streams utilized by the client with multi-stream cameras, saving workstation hardware cost by diplaying more cameras simultaneously with lower resolution streams instead of the primary HD streams.
  • Support for On-Demand Live Streaming to save connectivity costs by stopping camera streaming to the NVR when no NVR clients request live viewing.
  • Options for optimized streaming under low bandwidth without interrupting critical business data transfers in the same network.

React Fast and Protect your Assets

  • Fast search by date/time, enhanced time line, time jump, bookmarks, SMART Motion search, calendar, preview, film strip view and events. Increase productivity with more efficient search/ investigation: Get to the relevant video in few clicks without having to review hours of recordings.
  • SMART Motion search – Fast and efficient forensic search and investigation for objects/motion on recorded video using Honeywell SMART motion detection Analytics algorithms on the Client PC without impacting the NVR Server load.
  • Capture and export clips and still images in simple .wmv, .asf, .mpvc and .bmp formats. Clips (.wmv) signed with digital signature for authentication.
  • MAXPRO Video Container (.mpvc) format support - only playable in MAXPRO desktop clients and standalone Clip Player, quicker exports of raw video and support for estimating clip size and split to multiple clips to ensure clip storage media matches, include clip player with exported clip for easier review of video evidence and efficient investigation.
  • Clip Player – Portable standard secure player for archived and exported clips (*.mpvc), 360 camera de-warping and 2x2 Salvo support, Smooth playback support with up to 256x review speed, No software installation required to run on a Windows PC, option to include with clip export.
  • Email notification on camera, system and operator events.

Enhanced Recording Engine

  • Separate event video, continuous recording and archived video retention times.
  • Flexible Motion detection (VMD) options with Server (SMART VMD) or Camera based motion events support. Reduced false alarms with object based motion detection analytics with SMART VMD.
  • Video Archival - Archive large amounts of recorded Video data for long term storage either scheduled or manually, review through NVR desktop client or standalone Clip Player
  • Multi-stream support - Support multiple streams from camera for varying resolutions and frame rates for live, recording, low bandwidth desktop clients, web clients and mobile apps
  • Single channel license* for Encoders and Multi-imager 360 cameras (* - Max system capacity of 64 channels).
  • Support for scheduled backfilling of the recordings from the edge storage of equIP 1080p IR PTZ, 1080p WDR and 4 MP WDR cameras to the NVR using ONVIF Profile G for robust recording against temporary network failure
  • 1+1/N+M recorder failover and failback automatically or manually with MAXPRO VMS.

More Great Software Features

  • Easy to use and enhanced camera configuration and discovery workflow – Reduce over configuration using NVR System.
  • Load and Storage Calculator and ensure the system is configured to meet requirements for retention and reliability.
  • Status Monitor – Save operational costs with an integrated Dashboard to easily monitor the health and recording status of all the MAXPRO NVRs from any workstation or PC in the network.
  • Role-based operator privileges supporting Windows and local users.
  • Advanced security features with encryption support for communication between desktop client to NVR and secure https login for Web Client and Mobile apps.
  • Keyboard control with UltraKey Plus and UltraKey Lite over Ethernet.
  • Event history and operator log reporting with export to PDF, Crystal Reports, Excel or Word.
  • Local and multi-language support.
  • Support for secured communication between MAXPRO NVR and VMS, server and client.


  • Each unit records and monitors up to 8 or 16 cameras at 480 fps @ 4CIF/VGA or 480 fps @ 720p HD or 480 fps @ 1080p (4 Mbps bitrate) HD. Network bandwidth/throughput supported per NVR with Incoming: 65 Mbps, Outgoing: 180 Mbps; Total: 245 Mbps.
  • Archival support of 16 channels @ 4 Mbps bitrate each / 64 Mbps total archival throughput capacity per MAXPRO NVR XE, with outgoing archival storage throughput of 200 Mbps
  • Multi-stream support with maximum 128 streams per MAXPRO NVR XE. Support for configuring 1 preferred stream for continuous recording and 1 preferred stream for live video / motion based recording per camera
  • Supports One-Way Audio (for specific IP cameras) with live, playback and clip export on desktop clients for up to 8 or 16 IP channels
  • Includes HDMI, VGA, DVI-D and Display ports for single local monitor support providing access to monitoring and configuration interface
  • Supports displaying 16 cameras at one time on the NVR local monitor and rendering performance using GPU of up to 4 1080p HD @ 30 fps/ 120 fps on local client.
  • Internal storage capacity of 1 TB/2 TB/3 TB/4 TB/6 TB/ 8 TB/12 TB
  • DVD R/W drive for burning evidence clips. Includes dual 1 GB Network ports optimized to separate record and viewing data to ensure 100% recording and smooth playback even with multiple client connections.
  • Small desktop type footprint suitable for small spaces

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Data Sheet - MAXPRO® NVR XE (Xpress Edition) 174.79 KB 07/20/18
Application Note - AXIS ONVIF Cameras or Encoders Discovery & Configuration in MAXPRO NVRs 1.74 MB 07/11/14
Application Note - Camera-Based VMD Configuration for Honeywell IP Cameras and MAXPRO NVRs 972.65 KB 06/26/12
EquIP Quick Reference Guide 435.3 KB 11/05/18
HSLDT - How to Claim a MAXPRO® NVR License 789.69 KB 04/18/14
Installation and Configuration Guide - MAXPRO NVR 8.24 MB 10/31/17
Microsoft® Windows Patches Tested with MAXPRO® NVR 687.43 KB 11/28/17
Operator’s Guide - MAXPRO NVR 5.31 MB 10/31/17
Quick Install Guide - MAXPRO NVR XE 1.47 MB 05/16/17
What's New Software Release Notes - MAXPRO NVR 4.5 553.36 KB 10/31/17
A&E Specs
A&E Specs - MAXPRO® NVR XE - Rev B 84 KB 05/15/17
Other Resources
Brochure – IP Security Solutions 896.11 KB 12/13/16
Brochure - MAXPRO® IP Video Solutions 4.16 MB 05/15/17
Interoperability Matrix - Honeywell Products 686.91 KB 05/15/17
IP Cameras Supported by Honeywell MAXPRO® NVRs 1.38 MB 03/15/18
MAXPRO® NVR FAMILY Video Redefined 281.99 KB 05/16/17
Mobile Flyer – MAXPRO NVR Series 118.46 KB 09/06/16
Performance Series IP and HQA Quick Reference Guide - French 722.73 KB 08/27/18
Quick Reference Guide 349.84 KB 05/15/17
MAXPRO NVR XE Storage Estimator 2.17 MB 06/02/17
Ordering Information

HNMXE08B01T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 1 TB
HNMXE08B02T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 2 TB
HNMXE08B03T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 3 TB
HNMXE08B04T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 4 TB
HNMXE08B06T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 6 TB
HNMXE08B08T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 8 TB
HNMXE08B12T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel, 12 TB
HNMXE16B01T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 1 TB
HNMXE16B02T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 2 TB
HNMXE16B03T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 3 TB
HNMXE16B04T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 4 TB
HNMXE16B06T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 6 TB
HNMXE16B08T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 8 TB
HNMXE16B12T MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 16 Channel, 12 TB
HNM01UP MAXPRO NVR -1 Channel License Upgrade. Applicable for MAXPRO NVR XE, Rev B, 8 Channel (HNMXE08B***) units only to add support up to 16 Channels.
Refer to the storage calculator on to help determine what size unit to order.

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